Presenting Brain Talker: A device that lets you mind-control

    brain talker
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    When I was a kid, whenever I heard about the 5th gen computers and their intelligence in my computer classes, I always thought those devices could be controlled with a person’s mind. Things turned out differently, though, but the controlling part is developing gradually.

    Chinese scientists and researchers have just developed a mind-reading device which can control phones and other electronic devices all by a person’s thoughts. The ‘Brain Talker’, first of its kind, has been manufactured by scientists of Tianjin University and the China Electronics Corporation. The product was unveiled at the World Intelligence Congress which was held in Tianjin Municipality, North China.

    A mind-controlling device is not an alien concept in the world of technology. Two years back, Netflix had claimed that it had designed a headband that could channel the user’s thoughts to select the shows and movies. These devices work with the same idea. The brain produces pulses which decodes and travels to the electronic devices in a signal format so that the computer can understand what they are thinking.

    brain talker device

    The possibilities of devices like the Brain Talker are endless. They will let users control electronic devices without any movements or voice control. This is obviously the basic function. But think of how helpful it can be to disable people. A wheelchair user would be able to control their wheelchair with ease.

    Daily Mail says, “The brain decoding chip works by picking out minor neural electrical signals within the cerebral cortex and rapidly translate them into a form that the computer can understand.”

    Dong Ming, dean of Tianjin University’s Academy of Medical Engineering and Translational Medicine, said, “This brain-computer codec chip has the ability to discriminate minor neural electrical signals and decode their information efficiently, which can greatly enhance the speed and accuracy of brain-computer interfaces.”

    “The Brain Talker chip advances brain-computer interface technology, allowing it to become more portable, wearable and accessible to the general public.”

    The scientists haven’t yet cleared out on how the Brain Talker will be worn. Since such devices are usually worn outside, the Brain Talker is also expected to be worn in the same way. The device will also be helpful in the medical field.