CAN CommTech 2016 Review: A True Dissapointment

Honor X9b Ad
Honor X9b Ad

CAN CommTech 2016 has officially started and the event runs until 11th Sept, but what I have seen on the opening day has been a true disappointment. Unlike the CAN infotech where there is involvement of almost all the tech giants in some way or another, the first year’s CAN Commtech has proved to be nothing shy of boring. Despite all that, there are few attractions for tech geeks, and for someone looking for a new FTTH internet connection. Let’s get started:

SMARTPHONES: Where are All the Smartphone Brands?

You could only see stall of two smartphone brands at the CAN comm tech 2016: Samsung and ZTE. Both these brands haven’t launched any new products, however, they are offering some kind of discounts and freebies on their existing products.

Samsung is offering 3% discount on already discounted Dashain offer prices, and ZTE is offering 5% discount and free selfie stick on the ZTE Blade S6, Blade D2, and Blade D3. Both these brand shared their plans for the upcoming models. Samsung will be launching the J5 and J7 Prime in next few days, and ZTE is launching 5 new models next month.

Internet Service Providers (ISP): Everyone’s going gaga over the speed

If you are looking for a new internet connection, the CAN CommTech could well be an ideal place to visit. ISPs like Worldlink, Vianet, Websurfer, Subisu, and Broadlink are providing decent offers on Fibre connection and IPTV.

  • Worldlink is offering 5Mbps unlimited internet speed with 1:4 sharing ratio for Rs. 1,800.
  • Vianet is offering free installation, 1-month BONUS, cash discount, and free ONU device for yearly subscribers.
  • WebSurfer is offering free installation, free ONU device, and cash discount.
  • Subisu doesn’t have any offer on FTTH internet service, but they are providing cable internet and clear TV combo offers.

Laptops: Solitary Acer

Just like the smartphone brands, the involvement of laptop brands were minimal and I could see only Acer laptops from Mercantile. They showcased Acer Switch Alpha 12 laptop which looks like a cheaper Surface Pro. Specs wise, it includes a dual-core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, a 256GB solid-state drive, and a keyboard case. They didn’t reveal the price, but it is expected to be priced at around Rs. 90,000.


Routers: Free Antivirus! What’s the catch?

Provider of networking products and solutions like Netis and Totolink are providing free antivirus on the purchase of routers. Beltronics, on the other hand, launches a new product. It’s a li-ion battery that provides 5 hours of backup for Wi-fi router.

Allocacoc Products: The WoW factor of CAN Commtech

Allocacoc, a household tech company that promises to replace your poorly designed multi plugs and power outlets, is offering a heavy discount on their products with free goodies and combo deals. Let’s summarise the price discount here:

S.N. Product Name MRP (Rs.) CAN Offer (Rs.)
1. Power USB cable 490 350
2. Powercube Original 690 550
3. Powercube Original USB 1190 1000
4. Powercube Original Remote Single 1290 1000
5. Powercube Original Remote Set 1790 1500
6. Powercube Extended 890 750
7. Powercube Extended USB 1290 Stock out
8. Powercube Extended Remote Single 1490 1350
9. Powercube Extended Remote Set 2490 2450 + Powercube Original Free
10. Powercube Rewirable USB (type UK) 1590 1500  + USB cable free
11. Powerbar USB 1290 1250 + USB cable Free
12. Powercube Rewirable (type UK) 1290 1000
13. Audiocube |Portable| 7500 6900 + Powercube Original Free
14. Audicoube |Portable| Timber Wood 9500 8500 + Powercube Original USB Free
15. Power USB HUB 1350 1450 + USB cable (Combo Offer)
16. Power USB HUB Portable  2490 2590 + USB cable (Combo Offer)

Others: Things I am not interested in!

  • Acupressure Health Care System: Health Products
  • Access Kets Training Academy, Broadway Infosys, Lord Buddha Education foundation, Mentor Institute of technologies: IT Courses 
  • Barcode Nepal, Comtech Nepal, E3 Security Solutions, Emperor Group, Gadget and Gizmos, Muin International, Novel International, Planet Infosys, Secure Alarm, Wilson Tech: Security Products 
  • E-Lite Power System: UPS, Inverter, and Stabilizer
  • Kantipur City College, Nepal College of Information Technology, International School of Management and Technology: Education

My best Product of CAN CommTech 2016: Not!


More Coverage to Follow…..