CAN Info Tech 2017 scheduled for Late January

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The biggest Trade show of Nepal is kicking off later this month. Every time we hear the CAN info tech is coming, we get really excited to see what it has got stored for us. Like the previous year, the CAN Info-Tech is sponsored by Subisu in association with Samsung. So, there’s gonna be two giant Subisu and Samsung Stalls in the center in case you’re wondering.

But for the past two years, the show has been really disappointing and it’s been nothing like it used to before. CAN Info-Tech used to be like CES where new products in Nepal got launched and it was really exciting to see those things. But now, it’s nothing but USB drives, external hard drives, laptops, antivirus and endless stalls of ISP providers. We don’t even see much of the brands like we used to in the past.

But this year we really hope things will be different. Hope there are few new brands, few new product launches(hopefully Drones) that will put a smile on our faces.  We really want to feel that excitement like we used to while entering the Bhrikuti Mandap. Unlike last year, we have many brands entering the Nepali market, so this year might not be dull like the last year.

CAN Info-Tech will be held from 26th to 31st Jan(Magh 13-18). Venue: Bhrikuti Mandap, Exhibition Road.

You can also get an Audio Notification when the event kicks off!

CAN Info Tech

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