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Poco Mobile Price List

In this post, we have listed the latest price of all POCO mobile phones available. As a sub-brand of Xiaomi, POCO first made its debut with the Pocophone F1 back in August 2018. It did to POCO, what the OnePlus One did to OnePlus. The Pocophone F1 was the most affordable Snapdragon 845-powered phone at the time, which made it an instant hit among many. Especially gamers. Fast forward to now, POCO has matured into an independent company. Then again, it still shares its manufacturing and other resources with Xiaomi. Case in point, POCO had promised its very own Android skin called “POCO UI” to launch in 2021. But the company’s latest smartphones still ship with Xiaomi’s MIUI (with some POCO customizations) on top. Despite its dependency on Xiaomi, POCO has launched a few original design smartphones like the X3 Pro. Alongside the latest price, this list consists of specifications and overview of all POCO mobile phones.

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POCO Mobile Phones Price List (Latest Models)

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POCO Mobile Phones Price List (2022)

POCO Mobiles List Price in Nepal 
POCO F3 GTरू 51,999 (8+256GB)
POCO F3रू 51,999 (8+256GB)
POCO X3 Proरू 36,999 (8+256GB)
POCO M3 Proरू 23,999 (4+64GB)
POCO M3रू 19,999 (4+128GB)
POCO M2 Reloadedरू 17,999 (4+64GB)
POCO C31रू 16,499 (4+64GB)
POCO C3रू 14,999 (4+64GB)