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pc master race top 5 games for pc gadgetbyte nepal

PC Master Race: Top 5 Games For PC

Spending your hard earned cash on a nice Gaming PC or laptop is only half the work, you still need to buy a game....

Goatventure Game Review: Join a goat on its adventure to freedom

With the vision to create games based in the context of Nepal and take them further to a global scale, Sroth Code Games (SCG)...
Tap Tap Turn Game Review - Gadgetbyte Nepal

Tap Tap Turn Game Review: An addictive Game to rescue you from boredom

Can Tap Tap Turn be an optimum boredom killer in a smartphone? Let’s dig into it.

Why This is My New Favorite Gaming Laptop Under Rs. 2,00,000

"You get what you pay for" is a really good expression that justifies MSI's Apache pro's hefty price tag. This laptop costs about Rs...