PC Master Race: Top 5 Games For PC

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Spending your hard earned cash on a nice Gaming PC or laptop is only half the work, you still need to buy a game. And choosing a game out of all those triple-A titles might be a hard one. So we are here to help you with a list of five most “fun” games according to us (your preferences may vary).


This is an awesome game from Bluehole, Inc. It’s still in its early access stage, but with more than a million players at any given moment, this game is no joke. Plus, it’s mad fun to just play around.
You basically fall into this map from an airplane along with some 90-95 other players with basically one objective. Be the last man surviving! Just think of “Hunger Games”, this game is almost exactly the same. You can also make a group of up to four friends and team up.

You can buy the game from STEAM, they are currently giving you a hefty discount. Also, note that this game is in its early unoptimized stages, so make sure you have more than enough horsepower to reach the 60fps mark. Most probably a GTX 1060, you can buy this game from here.


Fifa 18 is hands down one of the all-time favorites for the football lovers. You can also opt for PES 18 if that’s your thing. Either way, I can’t think of a better game for a virtual football game than this.
In general, there are 22 players on the pitch, and you try to…….Do we really need to explain football now? You would be happy to hear about the new “Journey” mode where you play as Hunter, and the improvements in the Carrier modes as well.

You can buy the game from Origin, here is a link to the game.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield has always been one of the best First Person Shooters (FPS) games in the business, and Battlefield 1 takes it to a whole another level. It’s the second game in our list developed by EA DICE.
Basically, this game takes place in the various scenarios from the World War 1. You play as a bunch of characters with their own stories. Every character has their own objectives, backstory, which makes every character special. This game is all about the storyline. Although, saying more about this game would be a spoiler, so you should give this game a try yourself.

You can buy it from here.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a Third Person Shooter developed by UBISOFT. This game delivers really good graphics, along with a decent gameplay experience.
The game itself takes place in a world where the society that we live in now has fallen apart, due to a devastating pandemic sweep or something. What you have to do is fight for a better tomorrow.

You can buy the game from here.

Need For Speed Payback

Need For Speed is a game that needs no introduction. Developed by Ghost games and EA sports, this game has been one of the most famous car racing games ever.
The game takes place in an open world environment. You get three playable characters, with focus on “Action Driving”.

You can buy the game from here.