Why This is My New Favorite Gaming Laptop Under Rs. 2,00,000

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“You get what you pay for” is a really good expression that justifies MSI’s Apache pro’s hefty price tag. This laptop costs about Rs 1,84,990 and still, we can justify its price with the help of the following six points.

VR ready

This is one of the first laptops you can buy in Nepal with a GTX 1060 graphics card which is Virtual reality capable. This is something even the more expensive last-generation GTX 980M cannot do very well. All you need are the necessary gears to run it and the GTX 1060 will cut through VR games like a cake.

Sufficient processing power

The sixth gen Quad Core i7-6700HQ processor inside may not be the latest offering from Intel. But still, it has enough horsepower for even the most intense processing work. And this will also not limit your gaming experience by any means.

1080p ready at 60 fps

The GTX 1060 is seriously powerful. It can run almost all the games at 1080p at 60fps on high settings. This is thanks to the new pascal architecture from NVidia which is a huge upgrade over the previous generations.

Awesome display

Talking from experience, IPS is one of the biggest upgrade over TN panel in terms of screen quality. And this laptop features an IPS screen.  It looks so much better than any TN panel and has a very wide viewing angle. People might complain about why it’s not a 4K screen but keeping in mind the GTX 1060 doesn’t exactly support 4K gaming it would have been pretty useless. And turning down the resolution for the games to work smoothly would not be as crisp as it could.

Runs cool and doesn’t throttle under load

This laptop is 2.4Kg and almost 29mm thick. This might hamper portability but buyers will be happy to know that those compromises were made so that the laptop runs cool even under load and also doesn’t throttle even under heavy load. There are also two fans to keep the CPU and GPU cool.


SSD aren’t very popular in Nepal as we focus mostly on quantity over quality. But this laptop has 256GB of SSD storage and 1TB of HDD storage. So, in general, you get the best of both worlds. Having an SSD help run the laptop feel a lot snappier.

There are also other things you can consider when buying a laptop. For one the keyboard is very good and you can even program the backlit keys. The speaker, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are also some of the best in class. There is also a USB type C port, which Apple claims are the future. And there are sufficient ports so that you don’t need any dongles ever. MSI also has its own bundle of software pre-installed to improve your gaming experience.

MSI APACHE pro’s Specs

  • NVidia GTX 1060 GPU
  • Sixth gen Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz Quad Core processor
  • Windows 10 pro Operating System
  • 15.6″ FHD (1920×1080), IPS-Level Display
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB HDD+256 GB SSD
  • Multicolor Backlit Keyboard
  • 2.4 Kg weight
  • 383 x 260 x 27~29 mm
  • 6-cell battery (3-4 hours)
  • DVD-RW drive
  • HD Webcam 30fps@720p
  • Killer Gb LAN
  • 802.11 ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth v4.0
  • Rs 1,84,990/-

If you want to buy this laptop in Nepal, click here. It’s also available on Amazon here.