Official: NESA to organize Nepal E-sports Championship 2018

NESA is bringing together Nepali gamers in the same platform.

Nepal E- sports Championship 2018
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Nepal E- sports Association (NESA) is organizing The Nepal E-sports Championship 2018. The major intention of this program is to bring gamers from all over Nepal in a single platform. Similarly, the event being held aims to provide an international platform to gamers in Nepal, so that they can prepare themselves for tournaments being held in the international arena. With this vision, the organizers are all set to hold the Nepal E-sports Championship on 17th and 18th August.

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The competition will have two main games for the competition which is, Dota 2 and CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). Players participating in the tournament will have to battle against teams to achieve the winner title. The competition will be held in Bhrutimandap, Kathmandu on the proposed dates.

The program is initiated by the Nepal E-Sports Association that is managed by Addea Services Pvt. Ltd.

How can you register for the event?

  • You will have to register your team, fill an application form.
  • Each form will cost Rs. 2,500
  • Total players requirement per team (Dota 2)= 5 players (1 substitute)
  • Total players requirement per team (CSGO)= 5 players (1 substitute)

The registration form and fees can be submitted in the following locations:

  • Dillibazar (phone number: 9843648748)
  • Bhotahity (phone number: 9841253115 or 9851199404)
  • Kalanki (phone number:9803087132)
  • Kalimati (phone number:9841363880)

Having said that, the competition is not just the attraction of the event. Other alluring factors of the event are,

  • Opening by Swoopna Suman
  • VR showcase
  • Mobile Showcase
  • Sponsor Showcase
  • PC gaming
  • Console gaming
  • Face painting
  • Food stalls
  • Door prizes
  • Food and other competition, etc.

Nepal E-sports Association is a non- profit company established with a vision to promote E-sports in Nepal. NESA is also affiliated with Asian E-sports Federation (AeSF) and World Cyber Arena (WCA).

Similarly, Addea Services Pvt. Ltd. is sales and marketing solutions company dedicated to adding an idea to any company’s strategies through its marketing competencies.

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