Nepal Telecom brings blazing 1Gbps and 500Mbps XGPON FTTH internet package

Nepal Telecom 1Gbps XGPON FTTH Package
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The bandwidth speed war thing is not dead yet in Nepal! Yeah, you heard that right. Nepal Telecom (NTC), the state-owned telco has brought a 1Gbps and 500Mbps XGPON package with unlimited on-net calls and more. So, let’s get straight into the features, cost, and availability of the Nepal Telecom 1Gbps XGPON FTTH internet package in Nepal.

Nepal Telecom XG-PON FTHH Package Overview:

What is XG-PON tech?

XG-PON commonly known as 10G-PON is the computer networking standard developed in 2010, which is rated for up to 10 Gbit/s downstream speed and 2.5 Gbit/s for upstream. So, downloading a 4K video, streaming content, or live streaming can be done faster than traditional GPON tech with just 2.4 Gbps speed.

Features of Nepal Telecom 1 Gbps XG-PON FTTH Package

At the moment, the telco is providing two packages under this ultrafast XG-PON FTTH tech: 1Gbps and 500Mbps. Named as the Premium FTTH 1 Gbps and Premium FTTH 500Mbps, you get unlimited voice calls to on-net network (NTC to NTC) for one year on both schemes.

Nepal Telecom (NTC)

Users can also avail of 500 minutes of talk time to other networks on the former and 350 minutes on the latter. Talking of the daily data limit, the 1Gbps package gets you 1TB while the 500Mbps offers 0.5TB data every day.

What about IPTV?

As IPTV has become an add-on on almost every ISP package, Nepal Telecom is also providing it for free along with CPE (Customer Premise Equipment), set-top box, and 300 meters of drop fiber.

Do you really need such high speed?

Having a whopping 1Gbps speed might sound ludicrous right? Well, for the time being, you might not need it but looking at the bigger picture, a higher bandwidth speed is sensible. As known, the world is advancing rapidly to 4K/8K content, live streaming, and AI stuff. So, getting high-speed internet can get your work done faster and benefit you in many ways. It is even more beneficial in big enterprises with more number of users.

Nepal Telecom 1Gbps XGPON FTTH Package Price and Availability

The Nepal Telecom 1Gbps XGPON FTTH is priced at NPR 110,000. While the 500Mbps package is available for NPR 80,000. To subscribe, you can directly dial 198 press 1, and then register an order. The service is currently available in Kathmandu Valley and will expand to other regions of the nation eventually.

XG-PON FTTH Package Speed On-net calls (NTC to NTC) Off-net calls (NTC to other networks Data volume per day Annual subscription tariff
Premium FTTH 1Gbps Mbps 1Gbps Unlimited 500 minutes per month 1 TB Rs 110,000
Premium FTTH 500Mbps 500Mbps Unlimited 350 minutes per month 0.5 TB Rs 80,000
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