NT has announced Double Mazza FTTH offer with free daily Mobile Data

NTC Double Mazza FTTH Internet Offer
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Nepal Telecom has just announced Double Mazza Offer for FTTH users. Under this offer, NT is offering 20Mbps internet plus 106GB Data for just Rs. 13,000. Here, we will be discussing the Nepal Telecom Double Mazza FTTH offer, including details surrounding pricing, eligibility, and availability.

Nepal Telecom Double Mazza FTTH offer

20Mbps Offer

As mentioned earlier, under the Double Mazza FTTH offer, users can get 20Mbps plans for just Rs. 13,000. Unlike other ISPs, Nepal Telecom has included the VAT inclusive price here. It covers all the costs, including the CPE Router, Drops fiber cable.

Similarly, subscribers of the Double Mazza FTTH offer will get 300MB of mobile data for free every day throughout the year. The data will be provided on the phone number that you provided for customer service.

In case, you have not provided any number or have provided a wrong number, you can request to have it corrected via a written application. The mobile data is non-transferrable and non-stackable.

Plans Offered

If you want the benefits of this new offer but with a higher bandwidth connection, you can do it by paying the annual fee of the respective package. Currently, Nepal Telecom is offering plans with a bandwidth of up to 60Mbps.

Plan Renewal for Exciting Customers

Nepal Telecom has made sure its existing customer won’t feel missed out. Existing customers can visit the nearest NT office and renew their package to enjoy the benefits. If your current plan still has validity left, you can add its cost to the renewal charge.

For further queries, you can visit Nepal Telecom or contact the customer service center.

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