WorldLink to issue refunds to customers for slow internet connectivity

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Today, a reliable internet connection is no longer a luxury but a necessity. One key aspect that often dominates conversations about internet services is the speed it delivers. Recently, WorldLink, a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nepal, introduced a money-back service called “Paisa Firta,” where they promise to refund money to subscribers if they experience slow internet speed. This article will discuss the eligibility criteria, branch locations, and other relevant details surrounding Worldlink’s “Paisa Firta” scheme.

WorldLink “Paisa Firta” Service:

WorldLink’s Paisa Firta addresses customer dissatisfaction arising from slow internet speeds. The service is available to subscribers of standard packages of 200 Mbps, 250 Mbps, and 300 Mbps. If the customer experiences a compromise in internet performance, they can request a refund. When a customer asks for a refund, WorldLink sends their technical team to troubleshoot the internet speed problem.


If the issue continues even after two visits from the technical team, customers are eligible to receive a refund for the remaining days of their subscription package. For instance, if a user has purchased a 30-day package and has used only 10 days, they will be refunded for the remaining 20 days. However, the customer will be required to pay an additional deactivation fee of Rs. 500+VAT.

Branch Locations for WordlLink Money Back Scheme

At present, the service can be claimed from these 50 branch locations:

Amarsinghchowk Bagar Balaju Baluwtar Bansbari
Battisputali Biratnagar Bouddha Birgunj Banepa
Bhairahawa Butwal Birtamode Chitwan Damak
Dang Dharan Dholahiti Dhobighat Dhangadhi
Damauli Dhungedhara Gatthaghar Hetauda Itahari
Imadol Janakpur Kalimati Kohalpur Koteshwor
Kapan Kirtipur Lekhnath Lamahi Manbhawan
New Baneshwor Pepsicola Rastrabankchowk Sallaghari Satungal
Sitapaila Surkhet Kaldhara Manigram Mahendrapool
Nepalgunj Puspalalchowk Tulsipur Tandi Thali

In addition, you can also initiate the refund processor through Call Center and social media handles.

Is there any catch?

The new “Paisa Firta” offer is strictly for issues on the ISP (WorldLink) side that remain unresolved even after two technical visits. However, it’s unclear how long each visit will take and the time gap between them. The scheme is invalid if the issue is with the user’s device. WorldLink also doesn’t guarantee refunds for problems caused by external factors like weather, infrastructural damage, external outages, maintenance, and international link breakage.

Will every other IPS follow this initiative?

WorldLink’s “Paisa Firta” money-back initiative shows its dedication to customer satisfaction. However, there are potential challenges that they might have to address. Accurately measuring internet speeds and determining the eligibility for refunds can be complex, considering the various factors affecting internet performance, i.e., weather conditions, high internet traffic, etc. Other issues can arise from the inconvenience of technical visits to every claimed place, a potentially lengthy resolution process, the risk of false claims, and many more.


By prioritizing customer satisfaction and improving service quality, ISPs can enhance their reputation, attract more customers, and contribute to a more reliable and efficient internet experience for all users. While it is uncertain if all other ISPs will adopt the exact same money-back guarantee program in the near future; if this service receives success and a positive response in the industry, it could potentially influence the introduction of similar customer-centric programs by other ISPs.

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WorldLink “Pasia Firta”: Conclusion

While WorldLink’s Paisa Firta service prioritizes customer satisfaction over the competition, it comes with many challenges. It remains to be seen how WorldLink will address these challenges and successfully deliver on its customer commitment.

Anyways, The “Paisa Firta” service initiates after the second visit from the technical team. Subscribers can request troubleshooting through channels such as Worldlink’s online support platforms (website, Facebook, Viber, Twitter), their dedicated app, or by visiting the nearest branch office.

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