Worldlink announces 1Gbps internet plan with Mesh Wi-Fi connection

Worldlink 1Gbps internet plan pricing availability
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Worldlink Communication is Nepal’s biggest internet service provider based on the active subscriber count. The company has now launched a 1Gbps internet plan for resident users. Prior to this offer, WorldLink offered maximum bandwidth of up to 600Mbps. In this article, we will be discussing the Worldlink 1Gbps Photon NimsDai Special Edition internet plan in more detail.

Worldlink 1Gbps Internet Plan:

Worldlink is the second ISP, after Classic Tech, to offer a 1Gbps internet plan in Nepal. The company is calling it the 1Gbps Photon NimsDai Special Edition internet plan. This new plan is targeted at gamers, streamers, and content creators.

Package and Pricing

It is a 12-month package which will cost Rs. 39,999 for new customers. Users won’t have to pay for the smart installation, drop wire, and even the ONU device.

Worldlink 1Gbps Photon NimsDai Special Edition internet plan comes bundled with 12 months of free NetTV. One can also opt for a multi-TV connection by paying Rs. 2,000 for each added TV. Likewise, there is Rs. 500 deposit fee for each Set Top Box.

Worldlink 1Gbps Internet Plan (Photon NimsDai Special Edition) 
12 MonthsRs. 39,999
One Time Charge 
Drop WireFree
Dual-Band ONU ChargesFree
Dual-Band ONU Deposit ChargesFree
NetTV Activation 
Primary STBFree
DepositRs. 500
Secondary STBRs. 2,000
DepositRs. 500

Mesh Wi-Fi

One can even opt for Mesh System with the Worldlink 1Gbps NimsDai Special Edition internet plan, too. It will help eliminate cut dead zones and connection drop across a wider area. However, it is completely optional. In case you need a Mesh System, you will have to pay Rs. 8,000 for each Nokia Beacon 3.0 router.

Further, one also needs to pay Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 3,000 as deposit and smart installation for each Rs. 3,000.


Mesh Wii-Fi Count Rental Charge Deposit Smart Installation 
1st Beacon 3.0Rs. 8,000Rs. 2,000Rs. 3,000
2nd Beacon 3.0
3rd Beacon 3.0
4th Beacon 3.0


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