DishHome is offering 100Mbps internet at just Rs. 899 per month

DishHome 100Mbps Dimaaaaag Halline Offer
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Earlier this year, DishHome ignited the Nepali internet market with its 25Mbps package for just Rs. 233 per month to existing subscribers of its TV package. Plus, the company has already been offering up to 100Mbps internet in the country. Yet, it is now offering the 100Mbps bandwidth internet at a much more lucrative price as a part of the DishHome “Dimaaaaag Halline Offer”.

DishHome 100Mbps Dimaaaaag Halline Offer:

As the festive season is just around the corner, DishHome has launched the “Dimaaaaag Halline Offer”. Under this campaign, users can grab the 100Mbps internet package for just Rs. 899 per month.

To repeat, DishHome already had the 100Mbps plan in its arsenal. But it has now been priced quite aggressively, making it a much more appealing offer. To compare, it is significantly cheaper than the company’s prior price for the same plan, which was Rs. 2,200 per month. To note, this is cheaper than CG Net‘s 120Mbps plan that costs Rs. 999 per month.


DishHome is promoting the Dimaaaaag Halline Offer on its social media handles as Rs. 899 per month package. We reached out to the company’s representative for further information and learned that this offer is only valid on a yearly subscription.

You can still select between an internet-only package and a combo plan that includes both internet and television.

Dimaaaaag Halline Offer Price (12 Months)
100Mbps Rs. 16,144
100Mbps + TV (1) Rs. 20,944

In addition, the spokesperson also clarified that the aforementioned charges are the final price for the plans. That means they are inclusive of 13% VAT on top of other installation/setup costs. However, we would like to draw attention to the fact that DishHome should diligently update its offer on its official website to ensure a clear flow of information.

DishHome 100Mbps Dimaaaaag Halline Offer: Availability 

The DishHome 100Mbps Dimaaaaag Halline Offer is available across Nepal’s major cities where the company offers its internet services. For more info, you can visit the nearest DishHome dealer shop or contact the following hotline number:

Hotline Number: 9801-544000

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