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AMD Ryzen 3000 XT series processors launched

AMD adds 3 new XT CPUs in its Ryzen-3000 family of desktop processors

While the tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for AMD's upcoming fourth generation of Ryzen desktop processors, AMD has announced three new XT CPUs under...
MIT new brain on chip AI memristor neural network

MIT’s new “brain-on-a-chip” can process images using refined Memristor design

Engineers at MIT have developed what they call a "brain on a chip" that could change Neuromorphic Engineering forever. A paper published on Nature...
samsung exynos 9825 chipset

Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 992 SoC based on 5nm EUV process in works

Lately, Samsung has been facing a lot of criticism for the performance difference between the two variants of its flagship device. Snapdragon 865 and...
Intel 10 Gen H-series processors announced

Intel’s new 10th Gen H-series chips boast over 5GHz of computing power for laptops

Intel has announced that it has broken the 5GHz speed barrier for mobile processors with the launch of the latest 10th Gen H-series processors....