Processor (CPU) Price in Nepal 2024 [Updated]: Intel, AMD Desktop CPUs

Processor Price in Nepal AMD Ryzen Intel Core Availability
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Tired of running around the market to figure out the price and availability of PC components that you are considering for your next build? Worry not because we have already prepared the updated price lists for major components like motherboard, RAM, and SSD. And in this post, we have curated the list of all the desktop processors (CPUs) from Intel and AMD that are currently available in Nepal along with their latest price.

How to choose a processor? (A mini-guide)

When choosing a processor, you need to be sure about what you want from your setup. If you are looking to build a home PC for basic tasks, you won’t need a powerful CPU—one from Intel’s i3, i5 or AMD’s Ryzen 3 lineup will suffice in this case.

On the other hand, if you’re building a gaming PC or a content creation workstation, you will need a more powerful silicon with a higher core/thread count.


In a processor, cores divide the work of the CPU making it more efficient. Cores are further divided into threads. However, not all workloads can make use of higher core/thread counts.

Usually, you will look for more cores if you are into content creation. The more the core/thread, the more fluid will tasks like multitasking and video editing be.

However, a processor with higher core/thread counts tends to have higher price tags in Nepal. So it can be wise to not go after them especially when you have a tight budget. To note, most modern-day games don’t benefit from a high core count.

Clock Speed

So for a gaming setup, the better choice is to go for a CPU with higher clock speeds. You don’t need more cores, four to eight cores will do the trick most of the time. Manufacturers advertise processors with a base clock and a maximum clock speed.

You should be aware that the CPU can maintain maximum clock speed only for a short period and that if you have capable cooling. Additionally, the max boost clock specified by the vendor usually refers to a single-core boost frequency.

On the other hand, some CPUs can even be unlocked for higher clock speed. For instance, all the K-suffixed processors from Intel are overclockable. Price for the K and non-K suffixed SKU of the same processor are different in Nepal. So it needs to be considered before deciding on a processor.


The next thing to consider is TDP. Short for Thermal Design Power, it is the maximum heat generated by the processor at stock speed. If you are going for a higher TDP processor, make sure that your PSU (Power Supply Unit) can supply the required power. Also, the cooling setup should be able to dissipate heat effectively.


It would be a big mistake to compare processors solely based on their core/thread count or clock frequency. The processor architecture determines how its components are organized, the functions that they can accomplish, and how it’s accomplished. It plays a major role in the performance of the processor.

Two CPUs with the same core count may have different clock speeds which they will maintain for different periods. Processors with the same clock speed may have different Instruction Per Cycle (IPC), resulting in different levels of performance.

Also, it is one of the most important determinants of performance upgrade over any two consecutive iterations of a company’s CPU. So, it is always wise to consult benchmark tests and reviews of processors from trusted sources before you spend your hard-earned cash on one.

With that out of the way, here’s the list of desktop processors available in Nepal alongside their respective prices. We have categorized them under Intel and AMD for your convenience.

AMD Desktop Processor Price in Nepal:

Ryzen 7000 Processors Price in Nepal

Ryzen 7000 Series Price in Nepal 
Ryzen 9 7950X3D Rs. 100,000
7900X3D Rs. 90,000
7950X Rs. 80,000
7900X Rs. 60,000
7900 Rs. 57,000
Ryzen 7 7800X3D Rs. 70,000
7700X Rs. 45,000
7700 Rs. 40,000
Ryzen 5 7600X Rs. 33,000
7600 Rs. 30,000

Ryzen 5000 Processors Price in Nepal

Ryzen 5000 Series Price in Nepal 
Ryzen 9  5950X  Rs. 60,000
5800X3D  Rs. 52,000
5900X  Rs. 50,000
Ryzen 7  5800X Rs. 35,000
5700X Rs. 30,000
Ryzen 5  5600X Rs. 23,000
5600G Rs. 20,000
5600  Rs. 20,000
5500  Rs. 16,500

Intel Processor Price in Nepal

14th Gen “Meteor Lake” CPUs

14th Gen “Raptor Lake-S” CPUs Price in Nepal 
Core i9 i9-14900K Rs. 100,000
Core i7  i7-14700K Rs. 70,000
Core i5  i5-14600K Rs. 50,000

13th Gen “Raptor Lake” CPUs

13th Gen “Raptor Lake” CPUs Price in Nepal 
Core i9 i9-13900KS Rs. 100,000
i9-13900K Rs. 90,000
Core i7  i7-13700K Rs. 60,000
Core i5  i5-13600K Rs. 48,000
i5-13400 Rs. 33,000
Core i3  i3-13100 Rs. 22,000
i3-13100F Rs. 20,000

12th Gen “Alder Lake” CPUs

12th Gen “Alder Lake” CPUs Price in Nepal 
Core i9 i9-12900KS Rs. 75,000
i9-12900K Rs. 65,000
Core i7  i7-12700K Rs. 45,000
i7-12700 Rs. 42,000
Core i5  i5-12600K Rs. 38,000
i5-12400 Rs. 25,000
Core i3  i3-12100 Rs. 16,500
i3-12100F Rs. 14,000

Where to buy Processor in Nepal? 

You can buy desktop processors (CPUs) in Nepal from various PC outlets in Kathmandu Valley, especially in New Road and Putalisadak. However, you can visit Matechi for the best price and sealed pack Intel and AMD processors.

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