Intel’s 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs bring a hybrid chip architecture

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Intel has officially announced its 12th gen Alder Lake processors. The company announced six new CPUs that are fabricated under a yet-again refined 10nm process called “Intel 7”. So, let’s get into the specs, features, expected price, and availability of Intel 12th gen Alder Lake CPU in Nepal.

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Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake CPU Overview:

Intel’s new-gen chips combine the power of high-performance and the efficiency cores and are optimized for Windows 11 to yield improved performance. The company announced its high-performance K and KF series of processors for now, while the rest of the entries in the lineup will be announced in Q1 2022.

Alder Lake CPUs

If you don’t already know, the “K” and “KF” suffix in these CPUs means that they can be overclocked. The KF-tagged ones, on the other hand, lack integrated GPU. Intel has announced Core i9, i7, and i5 versions of 12th generation CPUs, with highlights such as DDR5 memory, PCIe Gen 5 compatibility.

i9-12900K/KF i7-12700K/KF i5-12600K/KF
Cores/threads 8P-8E/24 8P-4E/20 6P-4E/16
Base clock 3.2/2.4GHz 3.6/2.7GHz 3.7/2.8GHz
Boost clock 5.1/3.9GHz 4.9/3.8GHz 4.9/3.6GHz
Turbo boost cores 1 @ 5.2GHz 1 @ 5.0GHz None
Cache 30MB 25MB 20MB
Maximum turbo power (watts) 241 190 150
Graphics Intel UHD 770 (i9-12700K) UHD 750 (i7-12700K) UHD 750 (i5-12700K)

Here, each processor has a number of performance cores (P-cores) and efficiency cores (E-cores). Starting with the i9-12900K, it has a total of 16-cores (8 P-cores, 8 E-cores) and 24 threads and can reach a clock speed of up to 5.2GHz using Intel’s Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology. Intel promises a 19% performance boost in comparison to its 11th gen CPUs.

Similarly, the i7-12700K has 12 cores (8 P-cores, 4 E-cores) and 20 threads while the i5-12600K has a total of 10 cores (6 P-cores, 4 E-cores) and 16 threads. These CPUs are also available in the aforementioned “KF”.

Besides this, these processors offer up to 20 PCIe lanes (16 PCIe 5.0 + 4 PCIe 4.0), support for DDR5 memory at up to 4800MT/s (along with older DDR4 support at 3200MT/s), and larger L3 and L2 cache sizes.

New 600 series chipset

Intel Z690 Chipset

Alongside the 12th gen CPUs, Intel has also announced the new 600 series chipset. Alder Lake uses the new LGA 1700 socket (replacing LGA 1200) and therefore requires a new motherboard. Here, if you’re looking for the most capable chipset to overclock the new CPUs, then MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, and other manufacturers have already announced Z690-based motherboards.

Redefining power usage

Intel is also altering how it defines power usage in its CPUs. Since the turbo mode demands more power, Intel’s current basic TDP can’t reflect this. As a result, the 12th gen CPUs will have Processor Base Power (Base) and Maximum Turbo Power (Turbo) measures.

For instance, the i9-12900K’s Performance Base Power is set at 125W, while the Turbo Power is 241W. This means that systems employing this CPU will be able to boost up to 241W of power. The consumption of each chip is shown below.

Processor Base (W) Turbo (W)
i9-12900K/KF 125 241
i7-12700K/KF 125 190
i5-12600K/KF 125 150

Intel 12th Gen “Alder Lake” CPU Price in Nepal:

In terms of pricing, the Core i5-12600KF starts at USD 264 and goes all the way up to USD 589 for the Core i9-12900K. They are currently available for pre-order and will go on sale on November 4. We expect Intel 12th gen Alder Lake CPU in Nepal to start at NPR 40,000 when they launch here shortly.

Intel 12th gen CPU Price in the US Price in Nepal (Expected)
i9-12900K USD 589 NPR 85,000
i9-12900KF USD 564 NPR 80,000
i7-12700K USD 409 NPR 60,000
i7-12700KF USD 384 NPR 55,000
i5-12600K USD 289 NPR 45,000
i5-12600KF USD 264 NPR 40,000
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