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WhatsApp Companion Mode

You can finally use WhatsApp in multiple iPhones using Companion Mode

If you're an iOS user, you can finally use WhatsApp's latest features to link your existing account to multiple iPhones. Android users already had...
WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature Announced

Lock your chats on WhatsApp with the new Chat Lock feature

Why did you open this article? Who are you trying to hide your chat from? Just kidding!!! It is actually necessary for you to...
iCareFone Transfer Review WhatsApp Chats Android iPhone

iCareFone Transfer: Transfer WhatsApp chats between iPhone and Android

In this article, we are presenting a step-by-step guide on how to transfer WhatsApp chats between iPhone and Android using the new official method....
Whatsapp multi-device access without smartphone

WhatsApp now allows multi-device login without having your phone online

WhatsApp has released an update that allows users to access the service on multiple devices without requiring your phone to be connected to the...
FlixOnline caught reading WhatsApp messages Fake Netflix App Malware

Fake Netflix app caught reading and replying to WhatsApp notifications

Researchers have found a fake Netflix app guilty of phishing, stealing credentials, and other malicious activities. The malware made to look like Netflix on...
WhatsApp to add voice video call on its desktop and web client

WhatsApp to use in-app banner to allow users to review the latest policy

WhatsApp has been facing criticism from tech enthusiasts and users following the announcement of its latest privacy policy. The company believes that all this...
WhatsApp adds biometric authentication to desktop app security privacy

WhatsApp introduces biometric authentication for web/desktop login

WhatsApp has been a hot topic of discussion for the past few weeks. The messaging platform was drawn to public criticism because of its...
WhatsApp to add voice video call on its desktop and web client

WhatsApp is adding voice, video call on its desktop and web client

Over the last year, we saw a spike in the popularity of video calling apps because of the ongoing pandemic. Among these apps, Zoom...
whatsapp payment facebook pay

Users can now make payments through WhatsApp

Facebook is hell-bent on integrating everything into its ecosystem. And in a bid to bring more e-commerce to its system, Facebook has now launched WhatsApp...
WhatsApp won’t remain Ad-free after all

Facebook steps back from the decision to sell ads on WhatsApp

If you were worried about WhatsApp being flooded with ads like that on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, worry no more as recent reports suggest...