Lock your chats on WhatsApp with the new Chat Lock feature

WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature Announced
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Why did you open this article? Who are you trying to hide your chat from? Just kidding!!! It is actually necessary for you to keep some of your chats secure and private on social media platforms. Thanks to WhatsApp for the new Chat Lock feature. Your private talks can now be protected in a secure location hidden from spies. No more being concerned about nosy eyes sneaking a peek! And yes, Chat Lock in WhatsApp is the ultimate secret keeper, even if someone tries to peep at your phone’s lock screen. If your app still does not have this feature, wait a day or two; WhatsApp is rolling out this new update on both your Android and iOS devices.

Chat Lock working mechanism in WhatsApp

To use this fantastic feature, simply tap on the contact or group chat icon at the top of the screen that you can want to lock. If your WhatsApp has the Chat lock option, it will be visible on the Info screen. Tap it and follow the on-screen instructions to create a passcode or use your fingerprint or face scan.

The chat will now be hidden from the general inbox inside a secret feature. Chat Lock also hides the notifications from secret chats from the lock screen and notification tray.

To access a locked chat, simply swipe down on your inbox and enter the passcode or use your biometric recognition. It’s like having your own private vault for your conversations, with only you holding the key to unlock them. So go ahead and use the power of Chat Lock to make your conversations safe and secure. No password, no access!

Locking a chat on one device does not lock it on other WhatsApp-enabled devices, such as a PC. Because the chat lock feature is device-specific, you may choose which chats are locked on each device. However, there is some good news on the road! WhatsApp is always working to improve the capabilities of Chat Lock.

They intend to provide more choices in the near future, such as the ability to lock chats on paired devices and the opportunity to set up a different password for added security. Keep an eye out for these new changes, giving you even more control and security over your chats across many devices.