You can finally use WhatsApp in multiple iPhones using Companion Mode

WhatsApp Companion Mode
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If you’re an iOS user, you can finally use WhatsApp’s latest features to link your existing account to multiple iPhones. Android users already had access to this feature since a month ago. WhatsApp has officially pulled Companion Mode For iOS from beta and begun rolling it out to all users.

The current WhatsApp for iOS 23.10.76 update has this Companion mode. And, it allows you to send and receive calls and messages from your linked iPhones while maintaining end-to-end encryption.

Linking multiple iPhones with Companion Mode

Users have to download WhatsApp and select the “Link the device to an existing account” option to link a secondary iPhone to an existing account. Users then scan a QR code generated on the secondary device using the primary device’s “Link with QR Code” option. Chat history is synced across all connected devices once linked, giving a consistent user experience. However, some features, such as creating broadcast lists and sharing status updates, are only available on the primary device.

As of now, a WhatsApp account can be connected to up to 4 devices using the Companion Mode. Each connection is independent of the other, meaning each device has its own end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp also states it will log out from the connected devices if the primary device remains inactive for a long period of time.

WhatsApp Companion Mode on iOS App

WhatsApp has already started rolling out the Companion mode, and it asks users to update their WhatsApp app to get access to this feature. If the feature isn’t visible right away, it will be available to all iOS users in the next weeks. On iOS, the Companion mode is also accessible in the WhatsApp Business app.

Additional Upgrades

Furthermore, the most recent WhatsApp update includes automated GIF playback within chats, removing the need to tap on individual messages. This improvement makes the user experience easier and enjoyable.

WhatsApp’s features continue to evolve and grow across platforms, allowing users to stay connected and enjoy superior communication experiences. iOS users can now enjoy the long-awaited Companion mode, while WhatsApp for companies is planning additional enhancements to boost operations and customer interaction.

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