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    Don’t worry about dropping your phone now. A group of young entrepreneurs have revealed the Celltack system which is the world’s first wearable smartphone docking system. It is designed as functional jewelry for your hand it works perfectly with basically all smart mobile devices.

    Celltack attaches a mobile touch screen device to the hand of the user by a strong magnetic force and allows a free navigation of the entire screen while providing the unique option to operate a mobile device safely and conveniently with just one hand.

    The Company provide different shapes, sizes, and finishes of rings, cleats and docks to accommodate everyone. All rings are precision made-to-measure with top-quality surgical grade stainless steel and our cleats and docking pads are incredibly strong neodymium rare earth magnet.

    “Ever since the invention of the mobile touch devices the holding of the device was the limiting element for a comfortable interaction in particular when screens got bigger until now. Celltack can change how we hold mobile devices and how we interact with them.” – Liebmer Trauschein, CEO & Founder.


    Celtack GadgetByte

    In addition the Celltack system can also be used as a portable smartphone stand and a super sleek mount system at home or on route. The Celltack team has developed an interesting variety of accessories as protection cover, stationary docks, bike mounts and arm bands.

    CELLTACK can also be used as a portable smartphone stand and a super sleek mount system. Use it to dock your device to any desired surface. Your smartphone will stay firmly attached but is still easily to undock from any angle with just one hand.

    All components are interchangeable and engineered to an optimum balance between force, shape and size – just for the best possible usability and most convenient handling. CELLTACK has a small but strong enough to lift up to six smartphones at once, so your device will be safely attached to your hand.

    Celltack Lift- GadgetByte


    Main Features of Celltack System :

    It gives you the unique and comfortable option to hold and operate your device with just one hand.


    Don’t worry about dropping your phone when using it. It attaches your device firmly and safely to your hand.

    Designed as minimalistic and functional jewelry for your hand it comes in different sizes, versions and colors.

    Use it with a great variety of accessories as protection cover, stationary docks, bike mounts and arm bands.


    Made of top quality material sit has a lifetime warranty and unlimited technical support.


    CELLTACK  has been designed to be as small and simple as possible. All components are engineered to an optimum balance between force, shape and size – just for the best possible usability and most convenient handling.

    The CELLTACK system is based on three core components in perfect balance.

    1. CLEAT – a functionally shaped and super strong neodymium magnet.

    2. RING – a personalized and non-magnetic finger ring.

    3. DOCK – a specially magnetized docking pad.

    Ring Cleat Dock

    Ring Cleat

    As soon as the cleat and ring get close, they will gently snap together – even they don’t even touch! To undock, just lift or slide your ring off the cleat. Installation of CELLTACK can’t be any easier as the cleat comes with a pre-attached high performance adhesive. Just attach it to the backside of your device or protection cover – and you’re ready to go!


    CELLTACK is not device specific and can be used with a wide variety of mobile devices as well as mp3 players, photo cameras and other things that you might like to attach somewhere.