ChatSim Review: The unlimited text messaging SIM you should skip

chatsim review
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Imagine this. A SIM card that lets you send unlimited text messages in a bunch of selected messaging applications. Well, that is exactly what ChatSim is trying to offer in the Nepal. ChatSim was launched in Nepal a while back by Future Networks and Technology for Rs. 3,600. I got to use it for few weeks and here is my full review of the SIM.

What is ChatSim?

Well for some of you who are new to the term Chatsim, it is world’s first SIM that lets its users connect to data connection anywhere in the world and use it for sending unlimited texts on selected internet messaging apps. It is currently operating in more than 160 countries through over 250 operators.

How does ChatSim work?

To send unlimited texts via ChatSim, first, you will have to activate your SIM card which carries a phone number of a British Island named Jersey. I personally had to go through a relatively long process just to get it running. The activation must be done via ChatSim’s website.

So how does a SIM card with a number from Britain work in Nepal you ask? Well, ChatSim requires data roaming to be turned on all the time in order to work. It then uses Ncell’s and Nepal Telecom’s network according to its liking, in order to provide the users with a better data connection here.


I have to say I was pretty excited to use this new product. Free unlimited text messages sounded pretty exciting then. At first, I had a good time using the SIM too. I could use it to send important texts on the go without having to spend a dime.

It has passed some time now since NTC and Ncell introduced 4G connectivity here in Nepal. Mobile data connection is really good due to the upgrade. But ChatSim only worked on GPRS with the company claiming it supports 3G connectivity. But when I used it, I didn’t really have a problem with a slower connection, since all I did was send texts on Messenger and Whatsapp. The cell reception gets weaker sometimes but there is nothing to worry about. And you might notice the time ChatSim takes for mobile data connection to work, which is a few minutes.

If you are into calling and sending multimedia to your friends, you need to buy extra credits just for this purpose. To buy multimedia credits three recharges worth Rs. 900, Rs. 1,800 and Rs. 4,500 are available.

chatsim review

The quality of the calls while using ChatSim again comes down to the data connection. I for one could only use the ChatSim in GPRS, so, of course, video calls stuttered sometimes. The call connection, however, was pretty good if you ask me.

However, a couple of days ago I had to send an important text to a few people but ChatSim gave up on me that exact moment. I was right beside NTC’s office and even my primary NTC SIM card was working perfectly that time. So, ChatSim has a lot to do if it really wants to impress the Nepali users. I did have a backup SIM card to send those texts then but if someone is completely depending upon ChatSim for their internet usage, they could be completely disappointed at the time of need.


So, should you get ChatSim? Well, it depends on your preference. Are you okay with using a slower connection while texting? Or even an occasional loss of connection? Then you should be okay with investing a whole lot of Rs. 3,600 just for a couple of text messaging applications. As for me, I will be happy with funding the telecommunication companies of Nepal a little bit more just to get a faster mobile data connection for all the applications at my helm.