Colors Mobile introducing pocket friendly smartphones with Android Go and 18:9 display

colors smartphone teaser android go 18:9 aspect ratio
Honor X9b Ad
Honor X9b Ad

Colors Mobile is a name we know for bringing wallet-friendly smartphones in Nepal. But, it has been quite a time now that they have brought a new offering to us. We have been seeing small teasers and posts on the social media of Colors Mobile hinting for the upcoming smartphones and if we go by the hints being given by the company, we may be expecting smartphones which feature Android Go and 18:9 aspect ratio.

With Colors mobile, we never have had to worry about emptying our pockets to get a new smartphone. This time too, the upcoming smartphones are rumored to be priced below 10,000 featuring trendy 18:9 display and Android Go. Unfortunately. we have no information on what the names of these newbies will be. Likewise, specifications too are a mystery for now. What we do know is, these phones are making their way into the market very soon.

“These phones may arrive sooner than anticipated. If everything goes right, we are planning to hit the market with these within this WEEK,” said Mr. Raj Jung Thapa, Marketing Head, Colors Mobile Nepal.

For those who don’t know, Android Go is a lighter version of Android that aids in better performance, data saving and provides you more storage. On budget devices, you usually get relatively low storage and the regular version of Android may take up a lot of usable space. But, with Android Go, you get all light version of Google apps that will speed up the performance by a good margin.

Similarly, almost all the smartphones in today’s time feature a full view display, so why should budget phones stay behind, right? With  new Colors smartphones, users seem to be getting a good deal in a budget price. However, we will still have to wait for these phones to launch in order to confirm what these will perform like. Hopefully, we will get our hands on those very soon.