This is the right time to buy Cameras and TVs thanks to Daraz

Daraz offer TV Camera accessories
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Honor Ad

Looking to buy a camera? or a TV perhaps? To enjoy this cricket world cup or capture it from the sidelines. Dream big!! Daraz, the leading e-commerce website in Nepal is offering you a chance to do both for a lot less. Offering a staggering (up to*) 44% discount on cameras + gears and a humble (again “up to”) 30% off on televisions. The offer includes DSLRs, mirrorless, lens, SD cards, tripods, televisions and a bunch of other accessories.

Daraz is obviously targeting the 2019 Cricket world cup to sell their televisions and most people actually are looking to buy one for the exact same reason. Their landing page has a neatly categorized list of televisions under every price category. And even though Daraz specifically advertises up to 30%, I could easily find a few pretty great deals with discounts ranging well over the token percentage.

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As for the camera section, you are greeted with DSLRs, Action cameras, mirrorless cameras, and security cameras. Then there are the accessories; camera flash, SD cards, camera bags, tripods, batteries and everything you will ever need with your camera including lenses. Moreover, the range of products includes all the major manufacturers like Canon, Sony, Nikon, GoPro, and Panasonic.

So what are you waiting for? I did see a few really nice offers out and the perfect deal for you might just be out there. Plus with Daraz’s new payment system, purchasing goods from the e-commerce website is easy and hassle-free. They have always accepted cash on delivery but with the start of this year, Daraz has started accepting payments, via Debit/Credit card. Check out their official explanation video below: