The Dax Review: Is it the ultimate portable wallet?

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Wallets have always been a tough thing to carry around. For me, they have proved to be a nuisance, the reason I don’t like using a wallet. But all this changed after I got to use DAX.

What is DAX you ask? It is a simple and compact wallet that has a nifty ‘trick up its sleeve’. The wallet has a snap which, when pulled out, gives a way for a number of tabs.

Crowdfunded through Kickstarter and Design nest, the project got funded over 200% in just a single day. Design Nest is a crowd funding program of Allocacoc. Thus, the company is the official distributor of the product.

Sammy Traders, the official distributor of Allocacoc in Nepal, brought the DAX wallet in Nepal at CAN Infotech 2017. The price is now available at Rs. 950.

Design wise, the DAX is a different-than-normal wallet. It is really small and sits comfortably in the hand and in the pocket. Outside, there is a strap which, as I already mentioned, opens the inner side of the product. The strap sticks to the wallet due to a magnet. DAX’s logo sits on the front. A small compartment is on the back which is useful for adding an extra bit of card or money.

Pull up the snap and you will be greeted by a number of tabs. There are five slots where cards can be stored. I did use it for keeping my money though I always have to fold it in a particular way which is time-consuming.

Why is the DAX priced at Rs. 950? Well, the manufacturers have claimed that the product is made up of ‘fabric originally fabricated for industrial use’. The wallet does feel premium but the threads at the sides have already worn out a little, and it has not been a week since I started using it. I should also mention that the tabs are really wobbly and made of plastic.

The thin and light material (or fabric) that makes up the DAX is water repellent. But do note that it will get drenched if you get it completely wet.

Should you buy the DAX?

Well, if you are a person from the business-class who uses a couple of ATM cards to pay for stuff, or if you to store tons of visiting cards, then DAX is the wallet you need. But if you just store use wallet to store money, which is probably what most of us do, then I can’t really think of a reason for buying it. I will be using it because of its light, thin and compact body, though.

The DAX is available in three color options: Monochrome, Amber and Midnight Blue.