Download Stock Wallpapers from Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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    Google has finally revealed the Android M mascot which showed that M actually stands for Marshmallow despite our other wild guesses. Google officially released the third preview of Android M as Android 6.0 which still lacks a traditional android Easter egg. Also this preview showcased a whole lot of new wallpapers which are really great. Some of them are Arial shots taken from Google Earth, few landscapes shots and three new material designed wallpapers. There are 9 unique wallpapers to choose from.


    Wallpapers from some of the arial shot resembles the wallpapers we saw on the first and second build of android M. These set of new wallpapers give a new feel to the UI as it perfectly fits on the Google’s Material Design theme.
    To try these wallpapers head on to the download link below:

    Download Here