ECN App: Local Level Election Information at your fingertips

    ECN App
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    Yes, the Local Level Election is approaching and the Election fever is on. You must have tons of curiosity regarding this election like if you are in the voter list or not, where’s your polling center, who are the final candidates and much more. All these of your curiosities can now be addressed with an app and that’s the ECN App. All the information regarding the Local Level Election can be at your fingertips if you have a smartphone that can be an iOS or Android device. So, you may at any time download the app from the Google PlayStore or Apple Store. But, if you first wanna know what you’ll be getting in the app, let me explain.

    ECN App: Explored

    ECN App Android Download

    ECN App is a free social app from Election Commission, Nepal that is developed by Professional Computer System P. Ltd. The app gives users the relevant information regarding the approaching Local Level Elections. You’ve to have the internet connection for the app to work. What app does is abstract the right information from the server of the Election Commission, Nepal. So, what you can get from the app is still accessible from the ECN’s website. But on the website, the information is kind of scattered. So, I personally preferred the app over the website.

    Let’s take a look at the features that this 3.52MB Application (on android) has to offer:

    • Election Program: election type, schedule, dayECN App PlayStore
    • Send Event SMS: to register for SMS notifications
    • Voter no. Search: check if you’re listed in the voter list
    • Voter Info: check your voter info using your voter no. and DOB
    • Polling Location/Centre: search polling Location/Centre
    • Voter Education: Educational Audio, Video regarding the election
    • Candidate Info: List of Final Candidates
    • Election Result: List of Elected Candidate with Vote Count
    • Media: Press Release, Code of Conduct, News, Observer


    It’s a neat effort from the Election Commission, Nepal. The app is easy to go through. The app supports two languages: Nepali and English. I personally found the app to be informative enough. It helped me with my curiosity regarding the upcoming Local Level Elections with its schedules, voter information, and polling center information. If the app gets timely updates, it’ll be even cooler to check the final candidates’ list and the information along with the election results as well.