Facebook Messenger adds Quoted Replies feature

messenger quoted reply
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While Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular apps, it’s not the perfect messaging app by any means. Users still want a lot of features on it. While nobody asked for the “Stories” feature on it, similar to Instagram, it is there. And it did get popular after a while. Slowly, users could react to messages too, and that was a welcome feature. However, there was something missing still.

Maybe this sounds familiar. Ever been chatting with someone, and they send you a ton of messages? Like one after the other, and in different contexts? Sometimes, it’s pretty overwhelming, and you’re not sure which to reply to. Also, even if you reply to all of them, it can get pretty confusing for the other party as well.

In addition, a group chat faces this issue even more. I mean, with a number of people, its easy to get out of context for someone else. And replies tend to be meant for someone else, can be misunderstood by others. You get it…

And so, the latest messenger update adds the “Quoted Replies” feature. This enables you to reply to the exact message you want to reply to. And the parties concerned will also know what exactly were you replying to.

To do so, you can simply long-press on the message you want to reply to, and it gives you a new reply option beside the reactions. Tap it, type in your reply and the message you replied to will appear over your reply. Neat, eh?

While this feature was already there in WhatsApp, it was missing from Messenger. But hey, better late than never, right? So, this is now available on the latest messenger update. It is still in its rolling stages, so, be patient even if you haven’t got it yet. It’ll come around.