Facebook Relief Fund
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Earlier this Year, Millions of People donated to Facebook for helping Nepal during the earthquake via Facebook. Today, Mark Zuckerberg posted a small video clip with how that money is being used to rebuild Nepal. Also, Mark made this opportunity to thank everyone who supported Nepal on behalf of Facebook. Facebook Relief Fund collected $15 million for Relief and help recover the trauma during earthquake.

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The Facebook Video consists of various aspects of how Facebook is helping Nepal in the rebuilding and supporting processes. Featuring Amir Raj Thapa, a local resident of Lalitpur the video presents the overview of what happened at the time of the earthquake. He also explains how Facebook safety check was a good way for communicating the news when mobile phones and telephone line were not working. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake which killed more than 8,000 people and displaced 2.8 million people in Nepal shook the whole nation at that moment. Facebook Safetycheck was a great medium at least in Capital to convey their safety to beloved ones.