Fantech RS1 Racing Wheel with dual shift padder launched in Nepal

Fantech RS1 Force Gaming Wheel Price in Nepal and Availability
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Fantech has become a go-to brand in Nepal for all PC accessories and gaming needs. The brand has now launched Fantech RS1 Force Racing Wheel in Nepal for those intense simulation actions on a PC. Let’s get into the specs, features, and Fantech RS1 Force Racing Wheel price in Nepal.

Fantech RS1 Force Racing Wheel Overview:

For starters, these kind of Racing Wheel is used to play simulation games. As implied by the name, these games are intended to simulate real-world activities. This genre has grown in popularity in recent years, and because it closely resembles real-world actions and sequences, it can also be used to teach something. For example, driving a car. The Fantech RS1 Force Racing Wheel is also intended for racing and simulation games.

Steering Wheel

With that out of the way, let’s get into the details. The steering wheel of the RS 1 Force measures 10-inches (265mm) and can rotate from 270°too 900°. You can also adjust the setup from 0°-15° (up and down) for better comfort. Talking of the build material, Fantech has wrapped the wheel with a solid rubber grip with an anodized matte finish for sturdiness.

Fantech RS1 Force Racing Wheel Rotation

At the center of the wheel, there’s a familiar layout of buttons for extra controls. You get an XYAD layout buttons here, which you can customize based on your gaming preferences. There is also a red stripe for direction indication. The brand has also included a built-in dual-shift padder for a real-life simulation-racing experience.

Gear Shifter

Moving on, the gear shifter on this setup has complete 6 gears with a Reverse (R) parking gear as well. For simulating trucks and buses, there is low/high gear as well for those inclined road & terrain actions. Likewise, the H-shifter on the gear provides a standard gear-shifting experience of a manual car. The setup connects to the steering wheel via RJ12 6 pin.


Fantech RS1 Racing Wheel Pedal

Furthermore, a gaming wheel setup is incomplete without pedals. The RS1 Force Racing Wheel also includes a set of three pedals for the clutch, brake, and throttle. The pedal surface is detachable too. You can connect it to the steering wheel using an RJ45 8-pin connector.

Compatibility and Connectivity

The RS1 gaming wheel is compatible with PC, XBOX ONE, XBOX Series S & X, and Play Station 4 (PS4). You can connect it to your PC/console via a USB connector. Similarly, the power supply is rated at DC 24V 2A.

Fantech RS1 Force Racing Wheel Features:

  • 10 inches (265mm) Steering Wheel
  • 270°-900° Rotation
  • Adjustable angle 0°-15°
  • 6 + Reverse (R) Gears with H-shifter
  • Dual-Motor Force Feedback
  • Familiar Layout (XBOX Layout)
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility (PC, XBOX One, XBOX S & X Series, PS4)
  • Detachable Pedal Surface, Three Pedals

Fantech RS1 Force Racing Wheel Price in Nepal

The Fantech Force RS1 Racing Wheel is priced in Nepal at Rs. 41,999. It is available to purchase from Fantech’s official site and other retail channels.

Product Price in Nepal
Fantech RS1 Racing Wheel Rs. 41,999
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