Five paid games are now free on Google Play!

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    When it comes to Android Games, the good games aren’t free and free games aren’t that good. Well, things started to change lately with Google letting app developers to temporarily offer their apps for free. Recently, five paid games are now titled as free for short period of time. These games have regular pricing ranging from $0.99 to $6.99. Here’s the list of those games that are free right now on Google Play.

    List of Paid Games that are FREE right now

    So, don’t think much, just download and try them when they are free. The offer won’t be for long. So, if you are bored of playing games that were in your mobile for quite some time then now you’ve some considerable replacements. I tried few of them. And, I liked the Shadow Blade and True Skate the most. However, Exiles wasn’t as good as I expected.