Fusemachines develops a platform to share accurate information about coronavirus in Nepal

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Someone has aptly said, “This is the age of misinformation”. And never has been a quote more relatable. Yes, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, there have been countless numbers of fake news being circulated worldwide. Such news is articulated and shared in such a way that even the brightest of us are fooled by it. Also, shame on those who instigate such false rumors. However, there are people out there, who are working tirelessly, to provide you accurate information in these desperate times. Among them is Fusemachines. Yes, the team at Fusemachines is resolute on developing a platform to disseminate accurate information about COVID-19 in Nepal.

The rumor about the spraying of medicine via helicopter was circulated on various social media platforms yesterday. Fake news, obviously. However, the number of people who believed it was surprising. Moreover, there were lots of other baseless rumors about the number of affected people and those dead because of it.

So, what is the solution to it, where do we go seeking factually accurate information? Well, that’s exactly the question that Fusemachines is trying to solve through its COVID-19 information platform.

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What is this platform?

Basically, a team at Fusemachines has been working tirelessly for the last 90+ hours to build an open-source platform. The website’s prime objective is to bring together accurate information about COVID-19 in Nepal. In this website, they have tried to collect reliable data from multiple trusted sources such as WHO and so on.
You can visit their website here.
The idea behind this website is to share only the factual data and nothing else. Moreover, during this lock-down, everyone needs to stay updated about the on-going situation around them.
Covidnepal website
So people, please don’t fall into the trap of fake news and rumors and seek information only from trusted websites. Furthermore, if you want to help Fusemachines on this cause, you can sign up at “[email protected]”.