Gadgetbyte Nepal FPL League (2023/24) is here: Bring your A-game!

Gadgetbyte Nepal FPL League 2023 2024
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The new season of the Premier League is upon us, and we are back with a new season of Gadgetbyte Nepal FPL League (2023/24). This time, we have come up with a much bigger prize pool, which we will discuss along with the rules and terms and conditions in this article.

Gadgetbyte Nepal FPL League

After a few years of gap, we resumed our official FPL tournament last year, which was well received by Nepali Premier League fans. Last year, we had over 12,000 FPL managers in our league. And we hope to carry on this success with the new season.

How to join Gadgetbyte Nepal FPL League (2022/23)?

Gadgetbyte League is a private FPL League, open to all Nepalese players. You can join our league using the details given below:

Gadgetbyte Nepal FPL League (2023/24): Prize Pool

Okay, so are you wondering what’s up for grabs this time? The League leader will win a smartphone (2024 model) worth NPR 50,000 at the end of the season. The runner-up will take home a smartphone worth NPR 25,000, while the 2nd runner-up and the 4th best manager will get a smartwatch worth NPR 15,000 and a pair of TWS earbuds worth NPR 10,000, respectively. And yes, each gameweek winner will get a topup worth NPR 1,000 as well.

Gadgetbyte Nepal FPL League: Terms and Conditions

  • Registration for Gadgetbyte League (2023/24) is open to both Nepali (including NRNs) and international players
    • International players may enter the league but are ineligible to win any prizes
    • If such a player meets the criteria for reward, it shall be awarded to the immediate next eligible player
  • The entry fee is absolutely FREE
    • No payment or purchase of any item/service is required in order to enter the league
  • Entries will close halfway through the season
  • Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable
    • No cash alternative will be offered in any circumstances
  • Weekly prizes will be delivered electronically
  • Final points after deduction (from extra transfers) will be considered for weekly prizes
    • Managers who use chips will not be eligible for weekly prizes
  • If two or more managers have the same amount of points, the winner shall be selected via a lucky draw
  • Weekly winners must claim their prize within one week
    • You can claim your prize by contacting us on our official Facebook page.
  • The grand prizes up for grabs are as follows:
    • 🥇 A smartphone worth NPR 50,000 (1st position)
    • 🥈 A smartphone worth NPR 25,000 (2nd position)
    • 🥉 A smartwatch worth NPR 15,000 (3rd position)
    • 🏅 A pair of TWS earbuds worth NPR 10,000 (4th position)
  • Winners will have to physically attend our office or send a representative to collect the grand prize (NOT gameweek winners)
  • All the announcements regarding the league will be made via our official Facebook page
  • We reserve the right to cancel any reward in case of foul plays that may include, but are not limited to:
    • Multiple entries from one player
    • Any breach of rules set by this announcement and the Premier League
  • We reserve the sole right to make the final decision in case of any situation not covered by this T&C statement