Happy Six years of hard work, Happy Birthday to us

    gadgetbyte 6th year anniversary
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    Honor X9b Ad

    Good Lord, six years have passed by and it seems like it was just yesterday. We started very small, in a room with only a table, a chair and a laptop we could call “assets”. And here we are, celebrating six years of hard work and a silver play button.

    Six years ago, a tech news portal in Nepal was not really a good idea. But these young entrepreneurs would just not give up, they went on with a website and a Youtube channel that was probably subscribed by no one but them. And looking back to that is emotional and funny at the same time.

    A big cheers to all the people who are and were a part of this journey, especially our followers and teammates. We’ve surely grown by numbers but what has also grown is our audacity to dream bigger and achieve better. And that is what we are going to take forward, a positive never give up attitude!

    Thank you, a big thank you all for being there with us through thick and thins after all we are where we are just because of you.