Use Gmail without Gmail Address, Gmailify!

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    Gmail has been our favorite e-mail service for a long time. There’s no denying that it is one of the most organized and feature rich e-mail client. And last year, Google gave us the option to integrate our other email accounts with Gmail App by logging in separately. But now Google has taken a step forward, introducing the new Gmailify feature with which you can directly login to Gmail using either your Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook account.

    By logging in your 3rd party e-mail account into Gmail, you get the Google’s powerful spam filter and Inbox organization which makes the mailing experience a lot better. All of your email account will look and feel like native Gmail account.

    Benefits of using Gmailify:

    How to use Gmailify:

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    Gmailify links your existing account to Gmail so that you get all the bells and whistles—spam protection, inbox organization and even Google Now cards based on your mail—without having to leave your current address behind.

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