Google Alerts Product you have Researched Online if you are near a Store

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    Google Alerts products you have Researched Online

    Google is trying to connect the online and offline worlds with a new feature in Google.  Now Google alerts the user if you walk near a product you’ve researched online.

    If you always wanted a pair of Timberland boots but had not bought it now if you are near a store Google alerts you with a Google Now card and reminds you that you wanted that product. All you do is you go in the store and ask if the product is in stock or not. Facebook is looking to do the same by partnering with data mining firms Datalogix, Acxiom and Epsilon to target ads to consumers based on their previous offline shopping behavior.The same goes for clothing and any other product that you might search for online that a retailer would carry in store. 

    Probably Google introduced this concept so that the users use Google Wallet as a paying option.