Sit back! Google’s NotebookLM AI can summarize the notes for you

Google NotebookLM AI generative
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Google has unveiled the NotebookLM, an AI that can take notes for you. The American search engine giant has brought the AI tech under the ‘Project Tailwind’, talked about in the Google I/O event 2023. More about Google NotebookLM AI in this article.

Google NotebookLM AI Overview:

The NotebookLM AI is a notetaking app with generative AI capabilities. Users can train this AI model through their own documents. On the contrary, other AI chatbots learn through the whole internet. So, the NotebookLM AI can cater personalized answers to the users.

“It’s our endeavour to reimagine what notetaking software might look like if you designed it from scratch knowing that you would have a powerful language model at its core,” says Google’s press release.

What can it do?

As a generative AI tool, the NotebookLM can summarise stuff from your notes. Besides that, it can chat about various topics, answer your queries, and generate content. You can upload notes and get a summary and also ask questions regarding the document. And the answers will be provided as per your document. Also, the AI model is able to provide citations to the answers for authenticity and reliability. However, Google suggests fact-checking the AI responses against the original source.

Google NotebookLM AI

Other than that, you can upload ideas for new content. In response, it can generate ideas and scripts. For example, one can just upload their project report and ask the potential questions that can arise from the documents. And the NotebookLM will provide a list of potential questions.

Google NotebookLM’s Availability

Currently, the Notebook LM is in an experimental stage. Google has opened the waitlist for the U.S. region only. It will roll out in other places in the upcoming time. We’ll update the article as soon as new info becomes available.