Google Translate Now Supports Nepali!

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    Yeah guys, Google translate now officially recognises Nepali and 79 other languages.

    Quoting Google in their official statement, they said,

    “Throughout Asia, we’re launching languages spoken in Mongolia and South Asia.

    • Mongolian (Монгол хэл), official language in Mongolia and also spoken in parts of China with 6 million native speakers
    • Nepali (नेपाली), spoken in Nepal and India with 17 million native speakers
    • Punjabi language (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) (Gurmukhi script), spoken in India and Pakistan with 100 million native speakers”

    This is a major news considering the usage of the new “Google Tech” like Glass and other features from “Google Now”. Now even Nepalese languages or phrases could be translated.

    But there are bugs as well, For an example you can see the one below:


    And how could i not have fun with it, I played around getting some hilarious results, like the one below: (excuse my language, i was just testing 😀 )



    Although, its buggy and will take some time & improvement, Isn’t that a yippie moment!???

    So, what you’re waiting, click here and see it yourself!!