Hack for Good Hackathon in Nepal: What, When and Why?

Hack for Good
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Hackathons are these programming events where a group of passionate coders gathers to work on ideas and solutions. If resolutions created on these events are good enough, they get funded to become a substantial project which in return solves different real problems. For the past recent years, we have seen the trend of hackathon taking place in Nepal and many of them have resulted in fruitful products. Continuing the trend, Yakamoz Institute of Technology has initiated a hackathon with the theme “Hack for Good.”

What is Hack for Good?

Hack for Good

Hack for Good is directed towards creating technological solutions for real social challenges. Any programming languages or tools can be used as long as it moves you towards your desired solution. These solutions can take shape in the form of Website, mobile apps, and even robots. You don’t need to build a complete app but rather just a demo or prototype that reflects your idea. The best ideas will be backed up by the sponsors or the institute to turn it into a real product which means your ideas and work will be helping people for real!

When is Hack for Good?

Hack for Good

Hack for Good is taking place March 11th, Saturday on Chhahari Services. You can form a team of up to 4 members to work on an idea. Each member has to pay Rs.500 for registration which will be used to favor oneself with foods and drinks throughout the day to keep the spirits high and motivated. The event will kick off from 7 AM and will conclude at 5 PM.

Why Hack for Good?

Hack for Good

Hack for Good is not only a platform to show off your skills and learn new things but also a place where you could be making real change in the society. Your innovation can help to make the next leap for the country so the scope of these events is beyond one’s gain. And for your own benefit, you can meet up with big names in the industry, recruiters, and investors who can elevate you to the next stage.


1st Prize:

Rs.10,000 Cash + Gift Hamper + 25% off at YIT Courses

2nd Prize:

Rs.5,000 Cash + Gift Hamper + 25% off at YIT Courses

3rd Prize:

Gift hamper + 25% off at YIT Courses

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