Hamro Police App launched for iOS and Android

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Nepal Police has been really active these days. Contradict to the previous status they hold, they have upgraded into something different, something praiseworthy. They are constantly working to make themselves better in every way they can and have a very proper online presence.

Online crimes have been increasing in a meteoric rate and in real life crimes, despite the Police presence in most of the area, the respond time is relatively slow. Also at a crime scene, eyewitness is just not enough evidence, Police needs solid evidence to work on a case. With the motive of  allowing citizens to swiftly report incidents of crime to Metro Police Kathmandu using smartphones; Nepal Police has launched the Hamro Police App.

Hamro Police App

As of now, this app is exclusively for the residents of Kathmandu valley. But One can still report with pictorial and documentary evidence to Kathmandu Metro Police, as well as the exact location of the incident, enabling Nepal Police to respond to reports swiftly and efficiently.

What you can do with this app:

  • Report an incident via app or SMS
  • Look for the nearest Police Station
  • Public complaint on something
  • Get Police Alerts and Notifications

Note that, this app is somewhat buggy, so make sure to drop some suggestions on review section for developers to help improve the app and help citizens deal with crimes better.