Hamro TV commenced in Nepal officially!

    hamro tv nepal's first 4k ultra hd digital tv and cheapest internet service provider
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    After a long time of waiting, Hamro TV, a television and Internet service provider, has commenced its services in Nepal.  The official inauguration of the program was done by Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun.

    With a promise to provide 4K ultra HD digital TV channels and internet service to its customers, Hamro TV has started its services from Monday, October 16, 2017. It is the first internet service provider that is providing 4K ultra HD services in Nepal.

    Hamro TV, working in collaboration with various ISPs and television service providers, for now, gives 4K ultra HD cable TV and internet services to its consumers, but is soon going to start providing DTH service too.

    Along with 4K Ultra HD television services, Hamro TV provides fiber to home internet services.

    The company further envisions providing internet services that are 50% cheaper than what the cheapest internet service provider offers in Nepal on today’s date.

    Currently, Hamro TV offers value to its consumers by providing them with 140 SD channels, 50 HD channels, and 3 4K ultra HD channels. With an aim to provide something extra for its consumers, the company asks for no installation charges. On top, it offers 50% discount in the monthly charges for its services for six months.

    Hamro TV borrows its fiber and DTH equipment from the Chinese DTH equipment manufacturer, Gospell Digital Technology Co. Ltd. The company is known to specialize in the satellite TV equipment and provision of turnkey engineering services for Digital TV system.

    The collaboration, thus, signifies that Nepal too is moving forward to provide global products.

    “Communication and Information are pillars of a nation’s development and with the introduction of technologies as what Hamro TV is providing, it is certainly going to help Nepal climb the ladder and stand along with other nations of the world”, says Minister of Education, Sesh Nath Adhikari.

    As of now, only 3 4K ultra HD channels are available. However, this is a leap forward and the company is soon expected to awe its customers with more ultra clear services.