High-tech beanie could allow humans to achieve telepathy in 10 years

Communication taken to another level

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You may now become able to develop your very own psychic ability with the help of technology. Scientists and developers have come up with a high-tech beanie that will provide users with their very own psychic ability of telepathy.

Telepathy can be defined as psychic phenomena by which mind-to-mind communication can be made possible. Such type of mental communication includes sharing of ideas, thoughts, feelings, sensations and mental images.

It is not a new issue that technology has tried to barge into the human mind and day to day life. All scientific developments currently in progress are focused in making life easier than it was before. Undoubtedly, communication has come a long way since it’s beginning from the days of early human civilization. From sending smoke signals to beating drums, from painting on the walls to creating symbols, from developing alphabets to writing letters, from telephones to the present scenario, the world of communication has, indeed, come a long way. And as we all know, there is not really a definite end to the advancement of science and technology. Keeping this very theory in mind, scientists are working on this high-tech telepathic beanie which will allow communication via thought.

Openwater, a company founded by a former Facebook and Google executive- Dr Mary Lou Jepsen, is developing a device that can allow people to see inside their brains or bodies in great detail. This technology works via a piece of clothing such as ski-hat lined with LCDs – and, when illuminated with infrared, it can see into your body to look for things such as tumors and bleeding or clogged arteries. This San Francisco-based company has targeted to create a wearable to enable us to see the inner workings of the body and brain at high resolution.  People at Openwater are focused on replacing the functionality of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) with a true wearable enabling constant monitoring by using novel opto-electronics. This new wearable technology will be applicable for: detection and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, internal bleeding, mental diseases, neuro-degenerative diseases, and beyond – for communication via thought.

This high-tech beanie will use an utterly unconventional approach that enables us to develop MRI technology by using the scattering of the body or the brain itself to focus infrared light on scanning the brain or body bit by bit. The ski-hat like beanie will be lined with flexible infrared-illuminated LCD’s that have pixels small enough to create reconstructive holographic images for what’s inside the body and brain and look for things such as tumors, bleeding or clogged arteries. There will also be body temperature detectors lined along with the LCD’s.

The beanie will allow systematic or selective scanning of the brain and the body. It’s basic design and architecture has been decided so that, it can be used in reverse, to write, to focus light to any area of interest in the body or brain (to irradiate tumors for example). We may also be able to upload/download and augment our memories, thoughts, and emotions with it.

To quote Dr. Jepsen, “One day, the technology could literally be a ‘thinking cap’. The ‘moonshot idea here is communication with the thought’ – to read and output one’s thoughts.” Though the primary focus of the beanie was to use it for medical purposes, within a time period of eight years, Openwater has targeted to make it assist telepathy. Dr. Jepsen told CNBC that the technology would speed up innovation – for example, filmmakers could potentially download their dreams and product designers could download their thoughts and send them to a 3-D printer. Now, that is something I’d really, really look forward to. Wouldn’t you?

A limited number of prototypes of these high-tech beanies are set to be released next year to early access partners. For now, let’s wait and see how this turns out.

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