How to safely clean your TV: The do’s and don’ts

Ways to clean TV
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A television screen gets dirty from time to time and we need to clean it. If you don’t maintain your TV on a regular basis, dust and fingerprints can appear on the frame. To resolve this, we will discuss how to properly and safely clean your TV screen.

How to safely clean your TV

What not to do?

Not all displays are created alike, and the amount of their sensitivity varies depending on the model. LCD, for example, is more vulnerable to scratches than a plasma panel’s glass surface. The “don’t” we’re talking about applies to every screen type.

  • Do not use glass cleaner or other chemically active household cleaning materials like Colin. These are good for windows and other hard surfaces, but they contain toxic chemicals such as ammonia and alcohol, which can damage a flat-screen after a long period of use. Their actual screen is coated with film, and long-term use of household cleaning products can cause damage to the panel.
  • Paper towels and facial tissues aren’t designed to be used on television screens. This may sound a little obnoxious, but keep in mind that these things are made of wood. After a long period of use, the product’s tiny fibers can scratch your monitor.
  • When cleaning the screen, the amount of force you use will have an impact on the panel. Heavy pressing on a TV screen will inflict damage to the screen as well as the internal components. Show your TV some love!

Ways not to use while cleaning TV how to clean

What to do?

A little care for your television screen shouldn’t be a daunting task. Regular cleaning of the panel helps to provide a better viewing experience. Without further ado, let’s jump for the measures as to how you should clean your TV.

  • Before cleaning your TV screen, make sure to turn it off and all of its components. Then, if necessary, allow it to cool down. Heat, static electricity, and all other forms of electricity are enemies of good screen cleaning. The dark screen will allow you to see the dirty spots more clearly and clean them more efficiently.
  • Use microfiber cloths and start with a dry wipe. Most of the dust and debris can be removed with a dry cloth, so wait until it’s absolutely necessary to use a wet cleaning solution.
  • Wet the fabric with pure water or an alcohol/ammonia-free film cleaner (like distilled water) if the residue is more difficult to remove. To stop swirling lines, use side-to-side or up-and-down motions, and go through the region again with a dry cloth to clear any remaining traces.
  • Finally, before plugging the TV back in, let it dry completely.

How to safely clean your TV: Conclusion

These are some of the easy steps which you may not be aware of. And as mentioned earlier, anyone with any type of screen should follow these steps to maintain the durability and reliability of their television.

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