Hackers tricked Samsung Galaxy S8’s Iris Scanner

    Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner
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    We always think the biometric authentication is the safest. But, then there come the hackers who make us realize we were wrong. This happened with the fingerprint sensors on phone. But, now the Samsung stepped up the game on biometric authentication with the Iris scanner on the Galaxy S8. Right when we were thinking this new biometric authentication system might be the safest though not the fastest. Yet again, the hackers have proved us wrong by tricking the Samsung Galaxy S8‘s Iris Scanner.

    How Hackers tricked Samsung Galaxy S8’s Iris Scanner?

    The hackers from the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), Germany have tricked Samsung Galaxy S8’s Iris Scanner using a digital camera, Samsung laser printer and contact lens. What they did is took the photo of the device owner’s iris using a digital camera with a night mode. Then the photo was printed from the Samsung laser printer. And, finally, they put the contact lens over the printed iris photo to replicate curvature of real eye’s surface. With these simple three steps, they bypassed the Samsung Galaxy S8’s Iris Scanner successfully.

    If you have a trouble understanding those steps you can watch this one-minute-long video which illustrates how exactly hackers tricked the Samsung Galaxy S8’s Iris Scanner: