Huawei launches BE3 Pro router with WiFi 7

Huawei BE3 Pro price in Nepal
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Many recently upgraded to Wi-Fi 6, some eye Wi-Fi 6E, but Huawei BE3 Pro is bringing the state-of-the-art WiFi 7. This latest router comes with a sleek design and practical features. In this article, let’s dive in to discuss the newly launched Huawei BE3 Pro WiFi 7 router including its features, bandwidth, expected price in Nepal, and more.

Huwaei BE3 Pro: Rumors Roundup


The Huawei BE3 Pro measures 225 x 177.9 x 59.5mm with four antennas neatly folded. Its slim rectangular design adds a touch of modernity to any space. Adding an LED light enhances visibility and adds a subtle aesthetic flair.

Under the hood, the Huawei BE3 Pro uses 4K QAM modulation for efficient data transmission. In addition, the Quad-core WiFi-7 achieves speeds up to 3600 Mbps for smooth downloads and seamless gaming. With dual-frequency bands operating at 2.4GHz and 5GHz, users can expect enhanced network speed and reduced latency.

What’s more?

The signal strength and coverage of Huawei BE3 Pro are bolstered by four performance signal amplifiers, allowing the router to easily penetrate walls for a more expansive network reach. The inclusion of a dedicated e-sports gigabit network port prioritizes gaming data transmission, ensuring fast and stable performance. For broader connectivity options, there is also a 2500 Mbit high-speed network port.

Huawei BE3 Pro

Additionally, The router BE3 Pro features Huawei’s proprietary game turbo engine, which intelligently identifies popular games for optimal streaming speed. Parents can manage their children’s internet activities through the Huawei Smart Life app, which provides a simple and accessible way to monitor online usage.

Huawei BE3 PRO: WiFi 7

WiFi 7, or IEEE 802.11be Extremely High Throughput (EHT), is the new WiFi standard, which is also exclusively now used in Huawei BE3 Pro. It operates on all three bands (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz) to make the most of available spectrum resources. Unlike WiFi 6, which aims to handle more devices, WiFi 7 focuses on providing impressive speeds for every device more efficiently. If you face issues like buffering, lag, or congestion, upgrading to a WiFi 7 router could be your ideal solution. 

How is it better than WiFi 6?

WiFi 7, also available in the Huawei BE3 Pro will be way faster than Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 7’s top speed is 46 Gbps for one device, much faster than Wi-Fi 6’s 9.6 Gbps. This means quicker downloads and smoother streaming for everyone. 

Another cool thing is Wi-Fi 7’s bigger channel width. It goes from 160 MHz in Wi-Fi 6 to 320 MHz in Wi-Fi 7. This helps send data better, reducing traffic jams and making the network handle more stuff at once. Also, Wi-Fi 7 uses a smart encoding trick called 4k QAM (4096 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) to put even more data in the airwaves.

In addition, it uses Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), a modulation technique, that empowers higher data rates and more efficient utilization of the available spectrum. It enables multiple devices to transmit data on the same channel, thereby enhancing the overall network throughput. So, with faster speeds and smarter tech, Wi-Fi 7 is a big step up from Wi-Fi 6.

Huawei BE3 Pro WiFi 7 Router: Price and Availability

The Huawei WiFi 7 router offers competitive pricing, with the 1000M network port version priced at CNY 399 and the 2500M port version at CNY 499. If it makes it here, we expect the Huawei BE3 Pro price in Nepal to be around NPR 9,999.

Huawei BE3 Pro Router Price in China (Official) Price in Nepal (Expected)
1Gbps Network Port CNY 399 NPR 9,999
2.5Gbps Network Port CNY 499 NPR 13,999