Huawei P8 Lite Saved Man’s Life

Honor X9b Ad
Honor X9b Ad

We have heard iPhone and Samsung mobile phones saving the lives of the people. But this time, a different mobile giant is on media.

According to a local news story in South Africa, Huawei smartphone saved a man’s life. The lucky person is Siraaj Abrahams, age 41 from the second largest city in South Africa. He said he was robbed at gunpoint in a parking lot in August and shot at from a distance of about 2 meters. However, his P8 Lite sitting in his front pocket took the bullet and saved his life. It was reported that his heart briefly stopped after the shooting, but he pulled through and is alive to tell the tale. Surprisingly, Huawei P8 Lite smartphone is build with a plastic body, but still was able to stop a bullet from a 2 meter distance.

Soon after the incident, Huawei responded and replaced his handset with a new P9 Lite and offered him and his wife tickets for all of the home matches of the Ajax Cape Town soccer team as a VIP guest.


The above image shows how the bullet hit the back panel of the phone and stopped the bullet. Sadly the phone doesn’t work anymore, but still saved a man’s life which is great, isn’t it?

This is not the first time a smartphone has blocked a bullet. There was another incident of Huawei device saving another man’s life during general elections in Kenya. A guy named Millward Brown was almost hit by a bullet but the Huawei Mediapad in his backpack saved his life.