Huawei Undeterred: Smartphone production still at full capacity

huawei underarred smartphone production still at full capacity
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With what is happening with Huawei right now, it is only natural if the company slows down for a while. Of course, even the biggest tech giants can face pressure. And in the light of recent events, there were reports of Huawei slowing down the production of its phone in some of the plants. A very recent report reported that the smartphone giant cut off a part of its smartphone production at Foxconn plants for the time being.

Sources claimed that the Taiwanese company is slowing down the production of Huawei phones as per the company’s orders.

However, after that news came out, Huawei denied that flat. The tech giant said that no such thing happened and production is still at full capacity. There are also no further plans to slow down in the near future. They’ll probably go all out until they have the stockpile of chips as their claims.

At such a time, we’d expect the company to slow down and think things over. But it seems that the firm is not as badly affected by all these things. Or maybe, the company’s keeping a rock-solid front for morale. Either way, it seems the company’s goal hasn’t changed. Its goal is, still, to become the top smartphone brand in the market. Although, that might take a lot longer now.

Yet, Huawei is undeterred. And this should teach us all a life lesson, or two! Godspeed, Huawei, Godspeed!