Identifying a Fake Xiaomi (Mi) Power Bank

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Recently, we found out that many resellers here in Nepal are selling fake Xiaomi Mi power bank at a cheaper rate. So, we suggest everyone to be careful and analyse the product to know if it’s real or fake. Here are some few differences between Fake Xiaomi Mi power bank and Genuine Xiaomi Mi power bank:

1. Verify the 20 digit code found in the packaging:

Go to the Xiaomi official verification website and type the 20 digit code. Entering the code would confirm the product is genuine or not.

2. Physical Inspection

In some countries, the Package might not have any codes. So, in such case, the physical inspection will let you know the differences between the Fake Xiaomi Mi power bank and Genuine Xiaomi Mi power bank:

  • Fake Mi Power Bank light indicator is larger than the genuine one’s.
  • The Micro-USB port is black in color while the genuine one has white linings.
  • Genuine power bank carries a small MI branding on the chassis of the standard USB port on the power bank.

  • As you can see in the photo down below, the fake product is usually labelled with dark and blurry print, whereas the genuine product has clear and greyish print.
  • While charging, Genuine Mi power bank has a strange feature that differentiate it from the fake one. Holding the power button will turn off all the LED lights and they light up when the button is released. There is no such thing in Fake mi power banks.

3. Internal Inspection:

If you are still curious to know whether it’s fake or genuine, open up the power bank and check the inbuilt batteries. The genuine Mi power bank is manufactured by LG or Samsung. The PCB circuit of the Genuine Mi power bank also looks well-managed.