Instagram is getting a bunch of AI features

Including a label for AI-generated images

Instagram generative AI features
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Instagram is working on a bunch of new AI features, including one that notifies users if a picture is generated using Artificial Intelligence or not. Let’s find out more.

Instagram AI features

AI image label

Courtesy of app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, we have insights into some of the upcoming features of the Meta-owned social media platform. Instagram is reportedly testing a new “Created by AI” label for photos to inform users about the source of some images. From the screenshot, we can gather that this categorization can either be done by the original poster of the image or by Meta themselves.

Since a lot of people might be unfamiliar with the latest developments in the world of generative AI art, they might mistake an AI image for a real one. Which could result in a slew of problems. As such, Meta will be labeling such content to prevent confusion, misinformation, and potential propaganda.

Instagram AI Image Label

In the said label, there’s also a short description of what generative AI is. And a link directing users to “Learn More” about AI in Meta products. But at this point, it’s unclear how far Meta is in testing the feature and the rollout time frame.

Message summary

Another AI feature that’s probably coming to Instagram is called “Message Summary”. As the name suggests, this will summarize your direct messages (DMs) so you quickly have an idea of everything you’ve chatted about with someone.

Instagram AI DM Summary

And we can assume that this can be especially useful for influencers and creators who get thousands of messages every day. By getting a quick summary of DMs, they can understand their audience’s collective voice or get connected with brands quickly. And it’s likely that Meta will be deploying its own large language model (LLM) — Llama 2 — for this.

AI tools in Instagram’s Story editor

Oh, Instagram Stories will be getting an AI makeover too. More specifically, the AI brush tool will allow users to add or replace certain parts of their images in the app itself. From the description, it sounds very similar to something like Adobe Photoshop’s “Generative Fill” via Firefly. And integrating it natively will greatly boost the number of people using such AI features.

There’s also something called “Restyle” which is like “Filters” but on steroids. Restyle will allow users to apply visual styles to their image stories. So you’ll be able to transform your selfies into a paper art, 3D image, comic, and more.

Instagram Story Editor AI Tools

Besides this, other upcoming features on Instagram include the ability to share location in notes, improvements to “Quizzes” during Live, and the ability to “Plan an event”.