Instagram enables Photo Sharing via Website

    Instagram Web
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    Instagram is the world’s biggest photo sharing platform with more than 700 million users. It is the place for all your selfies, photo filters, food photos and what not. Instagram is strategizing its growth and has been rolling out new features. Recently we saw the offline feature on Instagram which allowed to comment and Like on Posts and Follow people even while offline. But that was all for the Instagram App but the Instagram Web has been pretty much left untouched, till now!

    Instagram Web

    Instagram Web just allowed to View, Like and Comment on Posts, Follow and Search for people. It was missing the major feature of Instagram or the thing Instagram was made for, photo sharing! Now, that feature has been secretly enabled on the Instagram Web for Mobile and Tablets. Despite being allowed to upload photos, you’re still missing an integral experience of Instagram sharing. That is, you cannot apply filters or edit photos on the go, no Direct Messages, Upload to Stories and no Geotagging. You can, however, toggle between square and wide crop and rotate the image. Lightweight Explore Tab is also enabled. 

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    This feature has been enabled to attract more users to the Instagram platform. Specifically, for those in areas where internet connectivity is poor and cannot download the entire Instagram app. And for those who don’t have powerful phones and enough storage to run the app.


    This feature is just for the Instagram Web on Mobile and Tablets. A similar feature for the desktop will be rolling out soon.  You still cannot upload videos.