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    To Gadget byte Nepal

    Am I alone in not wanting to root my android phone? I consider my self to be an enthusiast – I read Android Magazine, after all – and I am both competent and confident at working with computer on quite technical things, I just don’t feel that I want to root it. U also get a little bit annoyed that whenever anyone points out a problem with android the default reply is: “Root it, Flash a ROM, Fixed.” Why do we allow manufactures and software developers to get away with producing buggy or under performing products just because an elite bunch of users are happy to fix it themselves.  Nobody expects iPhone user to have to jailbreak just to fix things, anymore than you’d be required to rewire your toaster. I’ve got better things to do than flashing ROM’s and re-installing my apps afterward. I’d rather keep my warranty in tact and let the manufacturers do what they are supposed to do what they are supposed to be good at.

    We say: We see many articles that say that rooting helps the mobile phones good. We agree with you that it isn’t substitute for a properly working phone right after opening the box. But the freedom that comes from hacking Android is hard to beat.